Praise – The Passion Principle by Donna LeBlanc

When equipped with the right tools, you can defuse any situation seamlessly.

Donna LeBlanc

”We came to Donna on the verge of divorce after working with another relationship coach for 6 months. We fought every session for 6 months previously but after only 4 sessions with Donna, I feel the love I have for my husband again.”

Nicole O.

“I ran the IT department of a global firm with offices in 8 countries.  Yet, for 8 years I was stymied by a toxic manager who was threatened by me and did everything in his power to make my job so difficult I wanted to quit. I hired Donna on retainer for executive coaching not realizing just how much she could help me. In one year she utilized her communication networking method to help me basically go around this manager, get promoted around him through an incredibly creative switcharoo made by a senior VP. I  got a large new private office with a big window and a raise. Now I absolutely love my job and my old manager is eating humble soup.”

Bob D.

“I was making around 250K in sales for Merrill Lynch. I felt stuck and on someone else’s advice I started working with Donna. She helped me to become a communication and trust building super-star. Ultimately I became number 1 out of 500 on the sales team. Over a 10 year period I have seen my portfolio grow to over 20 million.”

Jason B.
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